Skid-steer or Posi-track: Which do I hire for my job?
19/11/2020 Leilani

Skid-steer or posi-track: Which do I hire for my job?

skid steer loader

Whether it’s a backyard landscaping job or a civil roadworks project, assessing the right equipment for your job can sometimes be tricky. Skid-steer and posi-track loaders are popular as they offer versatility with their compact size and available attachments. However, before typing “bobcat hire” in your search bar, let’s explore what’s out there and which is most ideal for your project.

There are two main variations of small loaders – skid-steer and posi-track. Many refer to them all as Bobcats, but that is simply a common brand name. While there are many variances with these machines, the main point of difference is that skid-steer loaders have wheels, and posi-track loaders have tracks. But let’s break it down further.

Although they can both ultimately carry out very similar tasks, choosing the right one can make a huge difference to the success, safety, and schedule of your project. Due to the fact that they are wheeled, skid-steer loaders are easily maneuverable and therefore perfect for working in tight spaces. Unfortunately, their wheels don’t move well on soft-soils or muddy terrain, but that’s where the posi-track comes in. Tracks on a machine mean that weight can be distributed evenly, giving posi-tracks the ability to operate well on grass, soft soil, mud, and even snow. Posi-track loaders are also designed to operate better on slopes as their tracks offer traction and stability.

Finally, costs generally run higher in the long-term for posi-tracks due to the maintenance demands of the undercarriage and wheel components. While operating costs depend on the application, but largely they are fairly similar in this aspect.

In summary, skid-steer loaders are best used on harder ground and are great for general-purpose applications or if you’re working in a tight space. Whereas posi-track loaders should be considered if your working in more challenging conditions, such as muddy or hilly earth.

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